You look ugly with your hair like that! Cyber bullying at it’s finest.


Yes, the title is harsh. That was just one of the many comments left on a recent picture posted by the young, beautiful and talented- KeKe Palmer. Akeelah and the bee, Disney channel star, oh, and the first African American to play Cinderella on Broadway. Maybe you’ve heard of her.

Now, I am not posting this because I’m a fan and I’m appalled because other people are not a part of my fan-wagon. It is to raise awareness about cyber bullying and internet thugs. I stumbled upon some awful, insulting, disgusting comments left on KeKe’s photo. Some of the people leaving these comments were much older than her, old enough to be her parent, and they were spewing utter hatred.

Cyber bullying has got to stop. What makes people do this? Did this picture trigger their own self hatred? Hundreds of people laughing and calling her names, telling her she is ugly, that she NEEDED to relax her hair, and that they disapprove of her look. One female left multiple comments, each one worst than the last. She told her she was stupid, ugly, skinny and that she didn’t “like her”. I mean really.

Trust me, I’ve seen many pictures on instagram that I didn’t like, but I wouldn’t leave hateful comments on someone’s page, much less even give them the thumbs down emoji. It’s just RUDE and hateful.

There is a saying that came to mind as I read those awful comments; “whoever is trying to bring you down, is already beneath you”. If you ever see this post KeKe, I want you to know that I think you’re beautiful! Keep on shinning like the star that you are.










With Love,

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2 thoughts on “You look ugly with your hair like that! Cyber bullying at it’s finest.

  1. smdh……i soooo agree with you…the way people talk to each other these days is just insane. If you dont like something or agree, why comment?? Just keep it to yourself..
    This world is getting worse and worse, and cyber bullies arent helping…*sigh

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