Countess Vaughn’s wig disaster. Horrible scalp infection and hair loss.


Hidey ho, folks,

Do you guys remember Countess Vaughn? She starred in the sitcom Moesha and also The Parkers. She appeared on the television show, The Doctors, where she shared her story about her scalp infection and hair loss due to excessively wearing lace front wigs. I don’t know much about lace fronts because I have never worn one, but what I can share is that lace front wigs require you to constantly use wig glue or wig tape, applied along your hair-line to keep the wig in place.

“I was embarrassed, you have to be at home, and be bald,” Countess said while holding back tears. “I had to go through this to teach my little one that you have to love yourself before anyone else will.”

Watch as Countess shares her horrifying story of scalp infection, oozing skin and hair loss.

With Love,

nick 2

13 thoughts on “Countess Vaughn’s wig disaster. Horrible scalp infection and hair loss.

    1. Agreed! I have watched so many videos where people spread the glue all over their foreheads/hairlines. I’m sure after applying and reapplying, your skin and hair peels away. It’s GLUE!

  1. Nicky I watched this in sheer HORROR the other day!! In a previous interview she alluded to her hair issues but she never went into detail about it the way she did on The Doctors! I think what amazed and troubled me the most about her story is how despite the changes she saw, the oozing, the hair loss, was that she CONTINUED to wear the lace fronts!! Looking good meant more than the health of her scalp and hair. WOW!! That is extremely deep to me.

    I’ve never worn lace fronts, never had the desire to, nor have I ever worn wigs. I didn’t dabble into wearing small hair pieces (sew ins) until my late 30’s, and when I say small, they were very small pieces where no one could tell unless you were a beautician and had an eye for spotting that kind of stuff. I don’t knock anyone who does wear them either. If anything this is a huge lesson to all women that we need to take better care of our hair no matter how we wear it. Wearing wigs, weaves, or braids for prolonged periods of time is not good. Permanent hair loss, fungus, blisters, infections can all happen if you do. It’s so important that we take care of our hair and give our hair a break from the protective styles we wear. Thanks for posting this Nicky and getting the conversation started!! 🙂

    1. Well hello!

      Agree, agree, agree! I watched in horror as well. I watched more than once! I think in all the years that she has been around, I have only seen her real hair one time. It was very short, looked like a twist-out, blond and natural. Some random photo I saw on the web. She looked cute to me! When you Google her name, all of the images are wigs, weaves and braids. But she isn’t the only one. Google Beyonce, Wendy Williams, and many more, you will see nothing but weave and wigs, and they look really good too. Maybe she just doesn’t like her real hair? Maybe she feels more beautiful with the wigs on?

      Like you, I don’t knock anyone who wears weaves, wigs, extensions, pieces, half wigs, whatever it is. I don’t knock it. I have never had a weave/sew-in and I am actually fascinated with how it is sewn in, blended and styled . I want to get a weave someday just to experience it.

      I have friends who wear and love weaves/wigs and their real hair is long and healthy, they just prefer the versatility of weaves and wigs. However, if it becomes detrimental to your health and overall well being, I would choose health over a good looking wig.

      I saw an image on Instagram the other day of a woman who lost all of her hair because she wore her sew-in weave for 6 months! Fungus grew underneath, she had an infection and didn’t even know it! As they removed the weave, the dead hair on her head came right out when they pulled the tracks off. CRAZY!

  2. I saw that too and I almost gagged!!! How could you not know that you had a build up of fungus underneath that sew in? I know her scalp had to itch like crazy and I know her hair had to SMELL!! UGH!

    Sew ins can be a very beautiful protective style and can last a long time – but not 6 months long – if done right. I had to stop getting my little s mall piece because my beautician at the time was putting it in waaaayyy too tight and it was weakening my edges on the right side where the piece was. Now that I’ve gone natural my edges on that side are strong again. My beautician was doing 2 things wrong: She braided my hair too tight, and she sewed my piece in too tight on top of it. That was way too much pulling and stretching on my edges.

    I too have a lot of friends who wear wigs and weaves every single day and have a ton of gorgeous hair underneath. It’s crazy! But at least they are taking care of their real hair in the process and that’s the key in all of this.

    I so agree with you, there are hardly any pictures on the web of celebs with their real hair. While I understand that the industry they’re in calls for a lot of wigs and weaves, which are also protect their real hair, it’s nice to see them with their REAL hair from time to time. Like when their not working and just simply out and about relaxing. So many women, especially African American women, go out and spend hundreds of dollars on lace fronts, sew ins, and wigs trying to have the long silky hair as the Beyonce’s of the world instead of loving and appreciating the hair they have. Again there’s nothing wrong with wearing wigs and weaves, but show some love to your OWN HAIR too!

    1. Come on my sister, you are preaching today! Church say AMEN!

      I know! She must have smelled something. Hair starts to smell after not being washed for a while, so 6 entire months of the hair follicles being suffocated by a sew-in, there had to be an unpleasant odor!

      Agreed. There are women who are afraid of their own God given hair. They don’t know how to care for their hair, and they don’t like the texture. Also, some women prefer the silky straight look, and that’s OK too. I know I did before I went natural. I loved my perm. But I’m glad I chopped my hair off let that addiction go.

      I too love to see celebrities with a fresh face, no makeup, lashes, and no weaves or wigs. A lot of them are more beautiful that way.

      1. LOL! Girl I’m just saying! I totally agree – when I had my relaxer I loved it, I truly did. But over time my love for them decreased as did going to the shop to get my hair done (and spending most of my Saturday there) and dropping $65-70 dollars for a cut and relaxer.

        And you are so right about Countess not wanting to show the damage done and she kept on wearing the wigs because she felt the need to HIDE her hair loss. It’s a vicious cycle if you let it become a vicious cycle. I just hope this is a lesson, wake up call, or a simple reminder to women everywhere to take better care of their hair. AND if there is damage STOP doing whatever it is you were doing that caused the damage and get help/treatment for it.

        1. Yes, I recall the days of going to the “spot” to get a wash and set, or wash and blow-dry and flat iron, or a wash and wet-wrap! NO ma’am! You couldn’t pay me to go back to that life. Ha-ha.

          Hopefully, her experience is a wake up call to many! Looking beautiful, feeling beautiful should not affect your health and well being.

  3. NO NO NO. I can’t believe she continued to wear the wig and put the glue on even after she realized something was wrong! That’s just stupid to me. Is it really that serious ladies?

    1. Hey girl,

      I know. It’s never serious enough once you have an infection and major hair loss. But she was stuck at that point and didn’t want to show the issues. Without the wig, people would be able to see that she had lost her hair, so she continued. And, she still had on a wig on the show!

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