My experience at Super Cuts


Hello friends!

So, ever since going natural, I have heard so many people say that I should not let a white woman, or anyone that isn’t a natural like myself cut my hair. I’ve been told that anyone outside of being an African-American will not understand “black hair”. Well my friends, that is just absurd.

I took a trip to Super Cuts and got a $14.00 trim from a stylist named Hope. Guess what? She’s white. Hope is a cosmetologist, trained to cut, color and style a plethora of textures. Curly hair, straight, fine, thick, kinky, you name it, she is trained to cut it.

When I sat in her chair, we talked for a while about my hair goals, how I wear my hair on a daily basis, my texture and so forth. She even asked to see pictures of my hair in other styles. She listened intently and her goal was to do precisely what I asked for. I explained to her that I chopped my hair off a year ago, using a pair of dull scissors. She replied, so you basically butchered your hair! I really did butcher my hair. When I cut it, I just grabbed chunks of hair, and snip, snip. We shared a good laugh and proceeded with the question and answer portion of my visit. After gathering all the information she needed, Hope grabbed her shears and began carefully cutting my hair. My request was that she even out my hair while maintaining as much length as possible. And honey, she did that!

Cutting hair is not about ethnicity, it is about skill.  It’s not about black and white. Hope is a skilled professional, and I walked away with an amazing cut!

Please share any hair stories that you might have. I’d love to hear.

Notice how uneven my hair is in this picture. This is the result of one year of growth after an uneven cut done by myself.



All done! My hair is finally even!


With Love,

nick 2

19 thoughts on “My experience at Super Cuts

  1. I had a good experience at Haircuttery. I think it mostly depends on how you wear your hair when you go to those fast food of hair salon places. If you have a light blow out or anything like that I don’t see how it is that different than a more common straight texture.

    Besides people always say you have to have a Black women cut black hair, but most black women stylist aren’t natural. So what is the big difference?

    1. Hi. Yes, I’ve also heard good things about Haircuttery. When I called Supercuts, they suggested that I lightly blow dry my hair for best results. I’ve actually had a bad experience with getting a trim from a black woman. And it had nothing at all to do with her race. She just didn’t do a good job and left hair was very uneven. Thanks for stopping by 🙂 .

  2. Great story Nicky :-). A skilled hair professional should be able to style any type of hair. Yes, each professional may have their area of expertise but a basic trim they should be able to do for anyone.

  3. Hey Nicky… Your hair looks nice and healthy! I definitely agree with you that cutting hair is purely about skill. I usually get my hair trimmed by my long-time stylist and friend who’s Jamaican, but me and my kinks don’t discriminate lol.

  4. Nice! I’ve had a white woman cut my hair at super cuts when I had relaxed hair. She was so scared to cut my hair! But I coaxed her into cutting it because I didn’t feel like waiting and she did a great job. I was skeptical about letting a salon cut my natural hair but you’ve inspired me to try it. I really need a trim!

    1. Hey Shannon,

      Thank you. Yes, I think once our kind of hair is lightly blow-dried, and easy to comb through and part, we should be able to get a decent trim from anyone who can cut hair.

  5. Great story! I’m too nervous to let anyone (of any race) touch my hair, so I do it all myself. I do a pretty good job though. You really found a gem. A lot of stylists are scissor happy.

    1. Thanks! I want to cut my own hair as well. I think the longer my hair gets, the easier it will be for me to do my own trims. Trust me, I’ve been to some scissor happy people before!

  6. Hi Nicky,

    I wish there was more professionals like Hope, here in France. We are so late regarding hair care and especially black hair care.

    I’m impressed to see the result of the cut. I can’t find a hairdresser that can manage my hair. Even in those so called Hair Salon for Afro/black hair, I can’t find someone who can detangle my hair properly! That’s a shame.

    Great job and the cut is perf !!

    1. Hey Mely!

      First let me say that I would love to visit France! I have never been there.

      I know what you mean. I have heard horror stories about some of these afro hair salons. When I called to make the appointment for the cut, they did ask me to blow-dry or flat-iron my hair to make it easier for them to comb through and cut. So they were also worried about not being able to detangle my hair as well. Thanks for stopping by! 🙂

  7. Your hair looks so good!! It’s been hit or miss for me at Supercuts and unfortunately after a bad last visit, I no longer go there. Keep that stylists number just in case she leaves b/c good stylists are hard to find!!! =) I’ve had great haircuts from there before and I never kept their info. =(

    1. Hi Christina,

      Thanks, girl! A bad cut can be traumatic. I have had more than one, so I know what you mean! All you can do is cry (well I cry 🙂 ) and wait for it to grow back.

      1. Hi NickyGoGlam! I haven’t yet but it’s alright. I am having fun just letting my hair be wild and free…. when I need a trim though I will either try to do it myself (eeekkkkkk) or take the plunge and trust someone new! 😀

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