Give me Glam


Life is always a little better with a bit of sparkle and a lot of Glam.

I had the pleasure of working with this beautiful client on a look that she loves, GLAMOUR. She has great, clear skin to begin with, so there wasn’t much concealing that needed to be done. Her skin was so soft, almost like a new born baby! She wanted a glam look for a night out with friends. I’m all about the glam, so needless to say, I was excited to transform her!

Products used:

  • Brows- Mac Spiked
  • Foundation- L’oreal True Match- cappuccino.
  • Eye shadows- Mac’s silver ring (inner lid) and Carbon (outer lid)
  • Lashes- Kiss Envy
  • Revlon liquid eyeliner
  • Cheeks- Mac’s blush in blushbaby
  • Lipstick -Mac’s Russian Red

With Love,

nick 2






One of my favorite lashes for going glam! Kiss Envy human hair lashes. Retail price $2.95 for the single box. I usually buy these in the value pack. It comes with 5 lashes per box, retail price $9.99.


Flawless coverage foundation. L’oreal True Match. Very inexpensive. Sold at Walmart, and most drug stores. Retail price $11.99

silver ring

Silver Ring eye shadow. Retail price $21.99


Mac’s carbon eye shadow. Retail price $21.99


Mac’s blush in blushbaby. Retail price $21.99


Revlon liquid liner pen. Great for oily lids. It has never failed me! Retail price between $5.99-$8.99.


Mac Spiked brow pencil. . Retail price $16.99


Mac’s red lipstick in Russian Red. Retail price $15


9 thoughts on “Give me Glam

  1. This is nice. I am starting out with makeup and don’t really understand what colors work and how to do my eyeshadow. I tried that lipstick but it was dry. I think I got the matte one. Any recommendations of getting it to not look so dry? Thanks. Love your blog.

    1. Hi Penny,

      Thank you. Eye shadows can be tricky. I would suggest starting off with a soft color that you like, and learning how to blend that correctly. Once you get that, you can add more than one color. They key is really blending which can be challenging. It certainly was for me when I first started.
      As for the lipstick being dry, you can either moisturize your lips with a nice lip balm before applying the lipstick, or add a little gloss to your lips after you apply the lipstick. Either way should do the trick 🙂

      1. I like gold and pink so I will try with those colors. Thanks. And I will try the lip balm before or gloss. Duh I should have known that.

  2. Also I don’t know how to use a liquid liner. I like the way it looks better than the pencil ones and the pencils smudge. Any tips?

    1. A lot of people struggle with liquid. The key is practice, practice, practice. It really is about having a steady hand, and knowing how to manipulate the tip of the liner. Practice every day, and also there are thousands of youtube videos out there teaching you step by step methods. They are worth watching. Good luck.

      1. my hand is shaky and when i mess up the line and try to fix it I look like a raccoon. it is hard to fix a mistake with liquid liner. I will watch the videos too. thanks!

        1. Yes, that will happen for sure. It’s liquid, and if it’s not dry, it will mess up your face! Haha. An easy solution is, when you are applying the liquid liner, have makeup remover and a qtip (or 2 or 3) handy. If you mess up, put a little makeup remover on the qtip and wipe away your mistake. Works for me every time. I make mistakes too.

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