Makeup. It’s an incredible accessory!


During the work week, I wear very little to no makeup at all. However, if I’m going to an event, a party, if it’s date night with my mister, I am totally going glam. Here is an example of how I go from plain Jane (or should I say plain Nicky?) to glam girl.

Products used:


  • Urban Decay Eye Primer (placed on the eyelid for long lasting eyeshadow)
  • Loreal Hip pigment Gold eye shadow
  • Milani blue eye liner (bottom lids)
  • Revlon liquid eyeliner (top lids)
  • Wispie strip lashes from Sally beauty supply
  • Duo lash glue


  • Burt’s Bees lip butter
  • Milani’s lip gloss in pretty plush


  • Clinique’s acne foundation
  • Mac’s select cover up concealer. Shade NW50
  • Mac deep dark blot powder
  • Mac’s blush in Pinch Me
  • NYC brown kohl eyebrow pencil

With Love,

nick 2



This is one of my favorite go-to looks for a glammed up face. Soft gold shadow, bold under eye liner, pink lips and lashes! Ladies, if you’ve never worn false eye lashes, you’re missing out! Haha. It really brings out the va-va-voom in me :).



urban decay

Urban Decay eye primer. My favorite.  This keeps my eyeshadow on for several hours.

shadowShimmery yet soft gold eye shadow from Loreal H.I.P pigments.


Revlon Color stay liquid eye liner. Super dark, and stays on for hours. It’s great for oily skin/lids.

Demi Wispie lashes. Oh, how I love thee!


DUO lash glue. I am very sensitive to a lot of makeup and glues. This one does not irritate my eyes and has long lasting hold.


Milani Aqua eyeliner. Super sharp color! Long lasting. It does irritate my eyes for a few minutes, but it eventually stops. 🙂


burts bees

If you have not tried burt’s bees on your lips,  you should run to your local drug store and purchase it :). My lips feel like silk whenever I use this product.

lip glass

Milani lipglass. Very nice color. It makes my lips really sticky, and it tastes funny. However, the color pay-off is lovely.



Clinique Acne Solutions liquid foundation. I use different foundations, depending on my mood, the weather, and how my skin is feeling for the day. This one is my favorite. My color is Fresh Ginger.


MAC select cover up concealer. This product is like magic! It’s great at covering up my dark under eye circles. Extremely long lasting, and glides on smoothly.
blot powder

Mac’s blot powder in Deep Dark. I apply this powder very lightly over my face, after my liquid foundation has dried. Keeps the shine and oil away!


NYC’s Kohl brown eyebrow pencil. Very inexpensive and long lasting.


Mac’s blush in pinch me.  This is a very pretty color, and shows up nicely on my skin.

16 thoughts on “Va-Va-Voom!

  1. I’m glad to hear you say that, about not wearing makeup on a regular basis. That’s how I am as well. Where we differ dramatically is alllllll the stuff you use. Lol! I say that respectfully. I’m pretty much done with some liner, shadow, and lip gloss BUT I’d like to do more but don’t know where to start. You know, my bday is around the corner. I just might take your suggestion and try some lashes 😉

    1. Hey there,

      Yes, I like my face to be free and fresh during the work week. But I am a makeup artist, so I have hundreds of products. There are times when I just use liner and lipstick as well. It’s so easy, and not time consuming at all. Happy early birthday to you!! That’s exciting. Yes, try some lashes! You might just fall in love 🙂

  2. Hold up wait a minute! This is nice. You look like such a little girl with no makeup on, and a woman with it on. Rarrr. Good job. I don’t mess with lashes. I look like a bird!

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