Listen up! This could save her life and yours.


 Life is a precious gift.

While scrolling through instagram, I came across this beautiful girl named Crystal Bailey. The picture that I saw was the photo above. I thought, wow, what a pretty picture! I love her hair, I love her curls, let me check out her page! Well, in doing so, I realized that this beautiful girl was about to go through the fight of her life. She was recently diagnosed with ovarian cancer. It hit me hard. Like a ton of bricks really. I don’t know her, but I think it’s because I see myself in her. A young, african american woman with natural hair, who is trying to live her dreams.     With a heavy heart, I stared at her picture thinking, how could she have cancer? Her? Why does she have cancer? She’s only 26 years old, why did this happen to her? There are no answers.

I am posting this to make you all aware. Cancer does not discriminate. Age, or ethnicity are not a factor.  Ladies, please take care of yourselves. Please go to those pesky GYN visits. Cancer is running rampant and early diagnosis can make a huge difference between surviving and not. So please keep up with your appointments, and go when they are due.

Click here to check out Crystal’s blog that she just created to document her fight with cancer. Her name is CRYSTALSR4EVER on Instagram. She is also trying to raise money to help her pay for chemotherapy. You can view that information on her Instagram page, or click here to go to her rally for support page. I have prayed for her, and maybe you can too!

With love,


4 thoughts on “Listen up! This could save her life and yours.

  1. Great article. It’s so important for women to be informed and aware of their bodies and to stay on top of their annual exams and regular check ups, but especially African American women. Your article was very touching and heartfelt and definitely gave me a much needed reminder and to remind my girlfriends, sisters, mother, aunts, cousins, nieces, etc. to stay on top of their health!! Keep up the good work Nicky and my prayers and positive vibes and well wishes to Crystal. ❤

    1. Aw, thank you. You are so kind! You’re my blogger friend :). I agree with you, women need to be informed and take care of themselves. I know a few women who miss a year or two of their annual GYN exams. I was really moved by her story. I felt an immediate sense or sorrow and also felt like I needed to do something to help. I figured, by just sharing her story, I was doing something to help her possible raise the money she needs for treament and also reminding women to take care of themselves. Thanks for reading, and thanks for your comments. 🙂

  2. I missed this post. This is very sad. Very nice of you to share this. I have to share this with my friends family and sisters.

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