I dream of gadgets


Many people see technology as the problem of the world. I see it as our future.

No makeup transformations or natural hair pics today. Instead, I’m wishing on a star. I figured I’d put it out there in the atmosphere and maybe the universe will answer back? Technology has come a long day and these are the items on my it list, my wish list, my gotta have it list. If you own or have used any of these, please share your thoughts on them, I’d love to hear.

Canon EOS Rebel T3i. This camera is amazing! It’s powerful and comes with the options of multiple lenses and add-ons. It’s also great for recording HD movies/videos. I am currently using a Samsung digital camera for my shots, but I’m ready for an upgrade!

teddy umbrella

Umbrella lighting- I am really tired of sticking my head under my lamp shade to get a nice, clear picture after the sun has gone down. Not to mention trying really hard not to burn my face near the hot bulb! At night, even with all of the lights on in my home, capturing a great shot of my makeup or hairstyle is trying. I take a tremendous amount of pictures in the evening and at night, and lighting is always an issue. As mentioned in my “20 random facts about me” post, (click here if you missed it!) I’m going to start posting YouTube videos, and good lighting will be essential for quality videos. As you can see in this picture, the apartment is dark in the background, but the spotlight is on Teddy.

mac book pro

Mac Book Pro, Ultra Slim- Do I really need to explain why I want this? It’s bad! And I mean bad meaning good. This would be great to edit my photos and videos all at the same time. Plus, I’m a lover of apple products and adding this bad boy to my collection will simply put a smile on my face :).

With Love,

nick 2


4 thoughts on “I dream of gadgets

  1. I have all 3 of these “gadgets”. The camera is amazing. I can look out of my window and take a picture of something a few stories down, and the color payoff and clarity is superb. Umbrella lighting is a must have because I take lots of pictures of my clients at night. I know you ladies like to have good lighting. The Macbook, as you stated is bad. It comes with me every where. I edit my photos and videos on the go all the time. I also have an iMac. Now that is a piece of machinery! Good luck with getting these and I hope your dreams come true.
    ~A picture is worth a thousand words~

    1. Hi Andy!

      Wow, thanks for the details. Yes, lighting is important. I am super excited about the camera. I hope it’s everything that I imagined and more. I too want an iMac. It will be mine someday!

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