Tag! 20 random facts about me.

20130808-125537.jpgThe truth is usually heavy; therefore, most of us don’t carry it around.

I decided to do this 20 random facts about me post because a lot of my followers asked me to participate in this tag. I’ve seen it going around YouTube and a lot of bloggers have revealed some interesting and quirky things about themselves. I think it’s fun and I have learned a lot about some of you. I figured I’d give it a try. Here goes!

1. I was born on the beautiful island of Jamaica. I came to the United States when I was 5 years old. I had an accent at the time and my elementary school teacher was rather mean to me because she could not understand me very well. She once told me to go back to Africa where I belong.

2. I am thankful that I am employed at my 9-5, but I really, REALLY want to do makeup full time, travel and blog for a living.

3. When my son was an infant, my car alarm went on the fritz, and my son was locked in the car, strapped in his car seat, while I stood outside the vehicle. I panicked and thought he would die because it was a really hot day and all of the windows were shut. I cried and frantically called 911, and 411. The fire department came within minutes and they were able to pop the lock and open the car. My son was smiling the entire time, and had no idea that his mommy had a major meltdown!

4. I am madly in love with my boyfriend, and I write his name surrounded by hearts on pieces of paper like a high school girl. 🙂

5. Most people think I’m very strong and brave. But I’m really afraid of a lot of things, and I’m a big softy.

6. I was deathly afraid of dogs until I fell in love with the one I adopted from a shelter. She stole my heart.

7. I am a passionate, loving, loyal person but if you betray me, I’ll cut you off so fast, your head will spin! 🙂

8. I want a spiral staircase in my home, a circular driveway, and a big, beautiful fountain on my lawn.

9. Most people don’t believe me when I tell them that I’m shy because I’m friendly, outgoing and very talkative. What? Aren’t those the characteristics of a shy person?

10. I wish I had a personal chef that would cook delicious meals for me and my family. I really hate dislike cooking!!!! It is the bane of my existence.

11. I was scared to go natural because I thought I would be ugly and unattractive. Sad, right? But it’s the honest truth.

12. The moment I pick up my makeup brush, I feel a surge of adrenaline rushing through me.

13. It irritates me tremendously when people try to shove their opinions down your throat, and get upset if you don’t see things their way. I mean, we all see life through different lenses. We all have different experiences that cause us to think and behave based on our own truth. I appreciate feedback and advice. Heck, I ask for advice often. But I am still entitled to make my decisions based on what I feel is right for myself and my family. I don’t try to force people to see the world through my eyes. But many people do.<——Was that a rant? Perhaps 🙂

14. I am terrified of being on camera, but I am going to start doing YouTube videos. Yikes!

15. I am truly a ball of fire. If you know me personally, then you know this already!

16. My step-mother was the step mother from HELL. Like the ones you hear about in the movies.

17. I eat cheeseburgers at just about every restaurant that I go to. If it’s not on the menu, I’m not happy. 😦

18. I sip warm water throughout the day. Well , it’s actually hot water, but I don’t want you to think I’m crazy, so we’ll go with warm. No tea bag, no sugar, just plain ‘ole H20. It’s very soothing. You should give it a try.

19. I want Beyonce and Rihanna to have my phone number on speed dial so that they can call and request that I do their makeup for big events and performances.

20. When I’m speaking to someone that I don’t like, but have to deal with, I envision myself pushing them in a mud puddle, and them falling in it face first. Ha! Hey, it helps to pass the time while I clench my teeth and wait for them to disappear.

Phew. That was fun. Now tag, you’re it!

With Love,


12 thoughts on “Tag! 20 random facts about me.

  1. This was nice! OK, ur stepmom needs a serious beatdown! I like the way you write. It’s interesting. I need to do better on my posting.

  2. Cool post! I actually have this very post scheduled to roll out next week. Nice getting to know ya a bit more. I look forward to perusing your page for make- up tips. At the tender age of 36, I am just now getting into make-up. Thanks! ~www.NaturallyMe35.com~

    1. Hi, NaturallyMe35

      Thank you! I’m glad you liked it. I love tags, but never participate in them. Well, your blog is chok full of things I’m interested in, so I am going to set aside some time to scroll through and read more of your posts. The one on grocery shopping was great.

      1. Well, sit back and enjoy! I plan to peruse your page, as well. I NEED tips! I just founded MAC at age 35. Now, you get a sense of what you’re dealing with here. LOL! Thank you again!

        1. Aw, that’s ok. It’s never too late to get into makeup! I love Mac products but can’t wear their foundations often, because it breaks me out. The eye shadows and lipsticks are phenomenal.

  3. Funny that u say that u only go to places that have burgers. I try to only go to places that serve shrimp. I’m a shrimp junkie.

  4. I can’t stand super opinionated people who shove their feelings down your throat. And man, your stepmother sounds like my stepmother. Only difference is she never told me that people wouldn’t love me, she told me that SHE didn’t love me. I like your posts.
    ~A picture is worth a thousand words.~

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