Short hair-don’t care. My perm rod set.


I did a perm-rod set on my natural hair and voilá! I love the results. I have not separated the curls as yet. I will be separating them little by little each day. At night, I sleep with my satin bonnet and this protects my hair and my curls are in tact the next day. I moisturize, fluff gently and go!

I’m getting adjusted to my new, short hair. After having long hair for most of my life, this is a big adjustment. I am experimenting with styles and so far, it’s been great. I love my hair and it’s texture. Washing my hair is now such a treat. I’m so amazed with the way my hair curls up when it’s wet. I’m so glad that I embarked on this natural hair journey. For anyone who is thinking about going natural, but afraid to try it-I dare you to conquer your fears. It’s a beautiful thing when you look fear in the face and karate kick it out of your way.



4 thoughts on “Short hair-don’t care. My perm rod set.

  1. Ummm, that is NOT what I’d look like if I put rollers in my hair. Some people are just “natural” beauties – hint hint.

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