Election Day Hair


Happy Election Day, folks. I voted this morning and it felt so good. I hope you all took the time to vote.

Here is a pic of my Election Day hair. I wore one of my favorite styles, the high bun. This was was sort of a messy high bun though. I did a slight part in the middle and slicked it up using my Eco Styler Olive Oil gel. I wrapped my hair pretty loosely, and held the bun together with good ‘ole bobby pins.



5 thoughts on “Election Day Hair

  1. The bun is cute. I actually prefer a less sculpted bun. I’ve been rocking my hair straightened since last week. Trying to decide if and when to get a longterm protective style like braid or twist extensions. In the meantime I may do that bun towards the end if the week or the weekend.

  2. Hi there. Thanks for the compliment. Aw, I also straightened my hair this week. I washed, conditioned and let it air dry. Then ran the flat iron over a few sections, but only once. I’m scared of heat. LOL. The good thing is, my hair straightens out with just passing the iron on it once. I’m curious to know what protective style you will choose. Did you post pics of your flat ironed hair? I wanna see. 🙂

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