My pompadour

Weekend glam look. The Pompadour.

Happy Monday, folks. Here is a pic of my pompadour. This style is so sleek and chic. I rolled the back upward and held it together with bobby pins. I flipped the top backwards and also pinned it. I’m also wearing my wet ‘n wild lipstick. The color is cherry picking. I finished the look with my retro, big, circle, gold earrings.



12 thoughts on “My pompadour

  1. “Hi Addie”! Lol. Thanks. This lipstick is everything!! It stays on for hours, and hours, even after I eat something, it’s still there. And for only $3.99 from target, I totally scored.

  2. I love this look on you! You have to do a video (Pressure) on this one for people like me. I’m rocking the big and wavy look this week, and I know by mid week I’m going to need a change. I’ll be calling you!!

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