4 different hair styles.


Hello! This picture shows 4 significantly different hairstyles. I attempt to create new styles weekly because I get very bored with the same ‘ole style.

Top left- This is a twist out. I used perm rods to curl the ends for more of a tight, wild, curly look.

Top right- This is one of my many variations of a pompadour. I love this style. I usually do this after I’ve been wearing a twist out or braid out for a few days. I simply pulled my hair up in the back as if I was going to put it in a ponytail, then made the puff on top and pinned it all together with bobby pins.

Bottom left- This is my hair flat ironed. Like the glum look on my face in the pic, straight, flat hair does not excite me! I prefer big hair.

Bottom right- The infamous high bun! This style will never die. Haha. My hair is brushed to the middle of my head, held together with an elastic ouchless band, and the bun is held together with lots of bobby pins.

I’d love to see some of your hairstyles!



6 thoughts on “4 different hair styles.

  1. I like each look! My favorite is the high bun. My last attempt wasn’t a hit. I think I need to try it when my hair is wavy. Only because that would privide more body to the bun. What do you think?

    1. Hi Karen!
      It might have been the way that you pinned the bun. Your hair is way longer and more voluminous than mine. So you should be able to easily get a great big bun on top. I wrapped my bun as loosely as possible for the biggest puff I could get, then pinned. If I would have wrapped it tightly, the bun would be a lot smaller. Try again! You should be able to get a mega bun with all that pretty hair of yours!

  2. Oh you did? I want to try box braids. I’m afraid that they will hurt though, or might be too heavy. I just love to see it on other women. I liked Beyonce’s and Solange’s as well.

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