Natural beauty of the day- 10 year old, Hannah LuLu

10 year old Natural Beauty- Hannah LuLu

This Natural Beauty is very dear to my heart. She is the daughter of my wonderful, dear friend, Sharon. Hannah is a spunky, vivacious, smart, sweet and beautiful little girl. Her favorite color is purple, and she loves chocolate, music, dancing, drawing, singing, playing video games and lots more. I’ve met a lot of little girls her age that beg to get their hair permed. Not Hannah!  She loves  that she’s a natural curly girl. She really likes her bangs, too. Don’t get me wrong, she also enjoys getting her hair flat ironed once in a while so that she can wear it straight, but that doesn’t happen very often. She embraces her curls and loves to create new styles with all that beautiful natural hair!  Hannah likes to use Lustrasilk’s curl pudding, and curl activator moisturizer. I’ve had the pleasure of doing her hair more than once, and trust me, her curls are a force to be reckoned with. I hope you’ve enjoyed this “natural beauty of the day” post.



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